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The Animal clothing brand was conceived as far back as 1987. It all started with a simple problem. Two surfers were fed up with losing their waterproof watches in the sea, as the straps would always break under such extreme conditions. They set about coming up with a basic yet effective solution to this by utilizing Velcro and webbing to form a strong yet comfortable strap. Seeing how effective this was at solving their problem, they set up small-scale production in the bedroom of one of their parent's houses and sold the straps on to their friends. This money then paid for surfing trips to Australia and Hawaii where they went on to sell even more! By now, Animal clothing UK is known to sports enthusiasts and the fashion-conscious on a world-wide level.

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The simple, rugged style of the original Animal watch straps made them ideal for use in many high-energy sports. Before too long, Animal started making the watches to fit the straps. These were squarely aimed at all freesports enthusiasts and were suitably fashionable yet robust. Animal clothing is now an extremely popular design-led brand, specialising in sports and sports-inspired clothes with surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, windsurfing and even kitesurfing teams all bearing their brand-name. All of the Animal products are tried and tested by the Animal pro teams to ensure they not just survive but excel in even the harshest of sporting conditions. The Animal Relentless Bike Team is Europe's premier freestyle mountain bike crew. They can be seen wearing Animal clothes whilst participating in the Animal Relentless Bike Tour. This offers fans 45 days of exhilarating shows, mixing the skills and control of former World Champions with breathtaking aerial displays of two world-class jump riders, Blake Samson and Sam Pilgrim.

The firmly established Animal Windfest event is held every year at Sandbanks, Poole. This is the only completely free beach sports event in Britain and there are also three ticketed evening parties where Animal clothes make the effortless transition from beachwear to relaxed party-wear. Animal clothing can be found doing their bit to further the sports of surfing and snowboarding at beginner level. Their surf academies and snowcamps allow novices the opportunity to ride alongside the best in the business. Instruction and invaluable tips are on offer from the likes of Alan Stokes, Dom Harington and Sonia Shaw at such events. Animal clothing have now developed into one of Britain's best-known extreme sports brands. They are best known today for Animal clothes, watches, footwear and accessories. Whilst still a firm-favourite with extreme-sports fans and participants, the brand has achieved the enviable position of a respected street brand. Today, Animal clothes are also worn by urban dwellers with absolutely no intention of getting their feet wet!

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