Demon protection has been at the forefront of snowboarding gear and apparel for a long time. The Demon line of padded shorts and impact protection is designed with snowboarders in mind. Its body armour uses lightweight durable materials to offer outstanding comfort on the mountain. Snowboarding protection from Demon provides warmth, comfort, peace of mind and confidence for all ages and abilities no matter what the conditions.

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Snowboarding is a sport that is fast paced easy to pick up but takes years to master. At all levels of the sport collisions, bumps and knocks always occur. Demon and its range of snowboarding protection is designed to offer padding and reduce the effects of hitting the snow hard. The company has always remained focused on the snowboarding market. This approach has made them popular because Demon impact shorts are lightweight and also have the padding where you really need it. Demon Padded shorts are endorsed by riders all over the globe including snowboarders like Nick Hyme, Andy David and Skiers like Mike Turner.

The Demon shorts available in their body armour protection range are made from an elastic nylon material that should be worn tight to the skin to ensure the padding is where it is supposed to be. The Demon impact shorts have padding located on the thighs, coccyx and hips. The locations are where most injuries tend to occur when you fall or are pushing yourself to the limit. Here at Hardcloud we recommend based on our reviews that everyone wears padded snowboarding shorts. They help to keep you insulated and can easily be hidden underneath your pants so you can ride in that relaxed, laid back style safe in the knowledge you are kitted out for all eventuality on the snowboarding mountain. Demon padded shorts are available in all standard size breaks and are available for both men and ladies.


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