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Hurley clothing may be traced back to the surfing industry of California during the 70's. The brand was originally associated with surfboards and had established itself in Costa Mesa. By the 80's, Hurley Surfboards enjoyed significant success and supplied boards to many of the world's top surfers. In 1982, the company secured the rights to market Billabong products in the USA. This Australian firm was renowned for its long boardshorts that were already a firm favourite with surfers in Oz. By the middle of the 80's, Billabong USA was as successful as Hurley Surfboards.

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It soon became apparent to Hurley that as with many other surf products, the clothing they were selling in the US appealed to skaters, snowboarders and music fans alike. With the 90's came the Internet. This quickly revolutionised marketing and purchasing around the globe, opening up yet more opportunities for Hurley. In 1998, Hurley and Billabong amicably parted company and the Hurley clothing brand was born. Even though US sales stood at around 70 million dollars, launching Hurley clothes was still a risk. The future of the 150 strong team rested upon this new venture being yet another success. Fortunately, Hurley clothes were an instant hit. Sales figures were excellent, the company was in profit and there was a new brand on the block.

Hurley clothes state that their company ethos is based upon their love of the sea and their long history of a close association with beach culture and surfing. The brand had started out with big ideas about freedom of expression, individuality, music and art. Hurley clothes have a strong link with the pro sports of surfing and skateboarding. With names like Tim Curran and Bob Burnquist lending their support to the brand; Hurley clothing has added kudos and credibility. Hurley clothing transfer the design elements they consider most important into their boardshorts, footwear, bags and accessories. Their products are aimed at men, women and the surfers and boarders of tomorrow - the kids. Taking design inspiration from their favourite artists and the beach culture of California, Hurley produces items of quality with a distinctive edge. Hurley clothes, shoes and accessories bring fresh ideas and individual interpretation to classic items that appeal to surfers, skaters and anyone with an eye for design. Hurley clothing openly acknowledge that without the support and loyalty of friends, athletes and retailers during those formative months, the brand would never have lived beyond its first year to become what it is today. Wear Hurley and you wear a smile!

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