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The Vans Era shoe was one of the very first shoes specifically designed for skateboarding. Vans Era shoes were released back in March of 1976. The simplicity, comfort and durability of this design were the key to its success. Vans Era shoes were a natural progression from the design of the Vans Authentic. The designers took the 1960's silhouette and made some notable changes. The biggest difference was the padding in the collar of the Era and the addition of reinforced stitching for extra strength when skating. This ensured they were an instant hit with skaters who loved the extra comfort offered by this new design. Such was their popularity that these shoes were soon to be seen on the feet of teenagers and twenty somethings who rarely stepped on a skateboard but really liked the look of the footwear.

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These skate shoes were firm favourites with the skating pros of the time. The design of the Era shoes was heavily influenced by professional skateboarders Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams. The killer combination of their skateboarding knowledge and Vans' expertise in making skating footwear ensured the shoes were perfect for their intended purpose. As a result of this inspired collaboration, the Era was born.

The Era is a classic style lace-up shoe. Carefully designed to offer a soft footbed, padded tongue, double-stitched vamp and padded lining, this shoe offered exceptional comfort and ride. Vans' signature waffle pattern sole ensured great stickiness and raised the bar for its competitors. The Era also enjoyed great popularity with young BMX riders during the 80's. This was due to their flexible design, offering riders more feel when riding their bikes and in particular, when performing stunts and tricks. The Vans Era shoe went on to be offered in limited edition styles and colours that quickly flew off the shelves. Even today, despite so much competition in the market-place, the Vans Era shoe is still one of the most popular designs around.

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