Backpacks...used to be the preserve of school kids and students, well not anymore. The emergence of brands like Herschel and Poler have elevated the humble rucksack to whole new levels of both status and influence. The lifecycle of a backpack is very different to what it once was. Leaving education was a cue to ditch the back pack and move on to more grown up adornments.

Herschel in particular showed that style and price tag could establish the backpacks as a must have amongst the cognoscenti. These new wave of brands allied quality with aspiration and a fresh approach to design opening up the category to a whole new world of discerning buyers.

Outdoor life and the dream of fresh mountain air or coastal living have made the backpack a functional necessity. Hands free did actually have a meaning before mobile phones existed! Hardcloud stocks backpacks that we actually rate and that we think are a bit quirky or’s our top 5:



Poler Backpacks


Dakine Backpacks


Herschel Backpacks


Comutor Backpacks


Dakine Backpacks