The world of the cap can be a bit of a minefield. With so many different styles to offer, it's sometimes hard to know where to start.

Browse through our guide and hopefully by the end of it you won't have have fallen asleep. Instead, you'll be much more in the know when it comes to head gear.

Lets start with the snap back. Remember those caps you wore as a kid, with the plastic adjustable popper strap at the back that your hair got stuck in – yep, they are the ones we are talking about. The majority of our surf, street and motogp brands offer a snapback cap or two. When it comes to versatility of size, these caps are probably the best. Adjust them smaller or larger, as the size of your bonce dictates. They are very often less expensive than a fitted cap too, so that's an added bonus.

Now, for the younger, more affluent relation: the flex fit cap. Made in exactly the same way as a snapback cap – 5 or 6 panel cotton construction, but this time the snap back strap has been removed. In it's place is a band of elastic called the flex fit band. This band stretches to achieve the perfect fit around your head and helps the cap to stay securely on your head. Most flex fit caps come in a choice of sizes so it is a good idea to measure the size of your head (put a tape around the circumference of your head, holding it just above your ears and skimming the middle of your forehead) to ensure you select the cap size most appropriate for you.

Once you've chosen the fit of cap that suits you best, then you need to think about what style works for you. Let's talk about the peak. Fashion evolves and what was on trend last season doesn't necessarily follow the next. Right now, there is a swing back to the curved or 'pre formed peak'. You no longer have to buy a cap and fold in the edges of the cap to achieve the curve – our brands do it for you.
If the curved peak is not for you, perhaps you prefer the flat peak, or flatbill. The flat peak achieves a more styled look.

Now, you're not done yet. Time to think about a few more things. There's the regular 5 or 6 panel baseball cap. Maybe that's the one and only for you. Or, how about the less structured 'Dad' cap. These are a soft style that can be scrunched up – it doesn't matter if they get squashed.
If you like a lightweight cap with plenty of ventilation, then the trucker cap is not to be forgotten. The Trucker cap holds its own in the world of caps as it is ideal for keeping cool in hot weather.

We can get technical and start talking about fabrics if you like (still with us, do you need a pinch?). A regular cap is made from cotton – the perfect material to allow your head to breathe. However, things can get a little sweaty under the cap and to counteract this, brands such as Hurley have joined forces with Nike to develop the Dri Fit cap. Fabrics used have moisture wicking properties and plenty of ventilation to help keep your head temperature down.

So, there you have it. Caps. Done and dusted. Choose your fit. Choose your style. Choose your fabric. Oh, then choose your brand.
If you are floundering and need some help, we are here at the end of the keyboard or phone, so don't be shy and pop us a question or two.