The Element clothing brand is one of the showcase brands to feature on the Hardcloud platform. The brand seems to be ever desirable and goes from strength to strength each season.

But, how did it all begin? Well, let us tell you a little story about our favourite skate clothing brand (shh, don't tell the other brands).

In 1992 the Element seed was planted. Johnny Schillereff, founder of Element, set out to be the best there could be in the most ethical way possible. A team joined together to elevate what they all truly believed in, which was bringing progress to skateboarding.

Johnny came from a turbulent background and was thrown out of the family home due to his parents thinking that he spent far too much time on his skateboard and not doing anything else. But, all the time, there were things that kept him grounded – his love of nature, art and his deck. He made the decision to do something positive in his life and this is when his 'Elementality' began.

In it's first form, the company was known as Underground Element and was born out of the East Coast. This company was inspired by music, primarily Hip Hop and used urban styles to reflect a controversial vibe. Soon after it's creation though, the company faced difficult times and began to collapse, with it's original crew moving on.

Johnny chose to rebrand the company under then name Element. He believed the Element stood for something completely different to the previous company. He created the iconic Tree Logo and rebuilt the company. At the time, the company was misunderstood but through hard work and determination, the tree began to grow.

Element was created out of passion and a dedication to making a positive difference. The Element tree continues to grow but respects its roots and embraces the landscape of skateboarding. The Element mission is to lead and not to follow and to make the world a better place. With 25 years experience, we can safely say that it seems that they know what they are doing.

With a solid foundation of brand advocates, such as Brian Gaberman – an international photographer determined to follow his dream of being forever involved in skateboarding. There's Mike Kershnar - known for his skateboard graphics and his love of rock poster art. Don't forget Chad Eaton, creator of the ever popular Timber art-based tees and other clothing.

Element is proud to sport an eclectic mix of sponsored riders. From Levi Brown (brimming with effortless style) to Julian Davidson (cousin of Nick Garcia – partners in crime) and newbie Greyson Fletcher (also a fourth generation surfer after his grandfather, father and uncle) to a classic legend such as Ray Barbee (whos skateboarding legacy stretches back to the 1980s).

Bearing all this in mind, you can fully appreciate the heritage behind this huge skate brand. Celebrate it's history by wearing clothing with the Element tree logo, wind, water, fire and earth references, and arty designs designed by the brand advocates.

We love it. We want you to experience it too.