We are well into Festival season now, but there are still plenty more gigs to come. If you've got your golden ticket and are raring to go, make sure you've got the best gear to help you really revel in the whole experience.

At Hardcloud, we've got plenty of products that will come in handy. Whether you are camping out for a weekend, or just have a day pass, check our some of the diamonds we have to show you.

No festival goer is fully kitted out without a bum bag. Maybe you are old enough to remember them from the Eighties, or maybe you are a new comer but, either way, we have an array of designs for men or women that you can get all excited about.
The Spiral bum bag is our best seller and it is not difficult to see why. At a range of prices all under £15 and with tens of designs available, these waist bags are the sensible way to carry around your precious personal items. With a main compartment big enough for a phone, keys and wallet and a smaller zipped pocket at the back for less bulky bits and pieces, the Spiral bum bag has earned it's place as our number one selling bag. Strap it around your waist and stay safe people!

Also handy for a festival, or a weekend away, is a holdall. Less bulky and formal than a suitcase, a holdall allows you to throw everything in one place. Zip up and carry; simple. Quiksilver holdalls come in an array of shapes and sizes, as well as designs but we also stock bags and weekends bags from most of our brands – Animal, Element, Rip Curl, Spiral, to name just a small number.

Whilst we are on the subject of bags, then lets mention the lesser known man bag. Compact and bijou, these small bags are just the right size for your small essential and personal items. Generally they come with an adjustable strap, so you can wear them across the body for more security or reduce the size of the strap and carry it like a hand bag. The Billabong Boulevard bag is popular all over Europe as it is simply styled and well priced.

Don't forget to pack a towel. We sell loads of beach towels all year round – use it to mark your place and for drying off when things get a bit overheated. Check out the variety we have from Billabong beach towels to Quiksilver picnic towels. If you really want to protect your modesty then we've a fab selection of poncho towels from Tools. These hooded towels are supremely soft and great for getting changed under or keeping warm under in the great British summer weather.

Before you leave, remember to grab a hat. Whether it's a baseball cap or bucket hat, we've go you covered. A hat is a must to protect yourself from, err, the great British weather, and even better at hiding your messy hairstyle the morning after the night before. Chose from a huge range of caps here at Hardcloud. Alpinestars know how to make a great quality cap in a range of racing colours. We've loads to offer you from Hurley, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Volcom. Chose your style – flat peak caps, snap back caps, flex fit caps or bucket hats or fedora sun hats.

We've talked about accessories but don't forget your clothes. If the weather is hot then it's a sleeveless tank and shorts all the way. Sorted. However, no doubt the temperature will dip at some point, so it's always best to be prepared with a fleece or hoody to pull on when you feel the chill. Be prepared for wet weather too with a waterproof jacket (we've got some from Element and Billabong for men and from Animal for the girls).

So, that's our advice for being prepared for what the festivals might throw at you. Most of all, go and have fun at the party of the year!