Read on for all you need to know about the modern hoodie. You may be surprised to learn that hoodies have been around since the 1930s. Originally designed as a means of keeping laborers working in freezing conditions warm, the hoodie as we know it today started to take off in the 1970s as a result of Hip Hop culture in New York City.

At Hardcloud we bring you a range of hoodies to suit all tastes. We try to cater for everyone!

Pullover hoodies

The traditional piece of clothing we tend to picture when the name 'hoody' is mentioned, is the pullover hoody. The over the head hoody is generally made from a polyester and cotton mix, resulting in a soft, brushed fleece backing that naturally traps warm air against the skin. Very often these hoodies are called fleeces, though they shouldn't be confused with a fleece mid layer which is more of a sporty piece of clothing worn for winter or outdoor sports. Generally with a front pouch/kangaroo pocket that you can keep your hands warm in, the pullover hoody is easy to wear and perfect for pulling on during a cold day at the beach or as an extra layer in the winter months.
Surf and street brands such as Rip Curl, Volcom and Hurley put their own stamp on these products, with embroidered logos, asymmetric seams and different fabric combinations.
Step things up with a hoody with a large rear surf print or an all over design that makes a statement. If you prefer not to stand out in a crowd, then solid colours and a discreet logo could be more your kind of thing, or why not try a colour block combination that couples two or more tonal or contrasting colours or fabric interests.

Element Cornell Hoody

Zipped hoodies

Zipped hoodies make a good alternative to a winter jacket. A full zip hoody is easy to pull on or off and sometimes favoured over a pullover hoody as you can take it off easily without messing up your hair!
Full zip hoodies come in all sorts of guises. Adding a contrasting coloured hood drawcord or zip creates an American Apparel look and adds interest. Hurley are one of the best Surf and Street brands for adding technical dri fit fabrics (due to their partnership with Nike SB).
Add a sherpa fleece lining to your zipped hoody and you've practically got yourself a jacket to see you through the winter months.
Some of the hoodies produced for wear in the summer feature a cotton loopback lining which doesn't trap the warm air like a fleece back hoody does, making them ideal for wearing during warmer but breezy weather.

 Volcom Single Stone Lined Hood

A half, or quarter zip hoody brings you the style of the pullover hoody, but with a zip at the neckline that aids the easy pull on or pull off. Element seem to have pretty much nailed this look. The Native Cornell hoody is a good example of this style, but with a button, or Henley, neckline.


Element Native Cornell Hoody

The hoody is part of popular culture. It is such an easy piece of clothing to both wear and care for. With Surf and Street brands producing eye-catching styles and variations on a template season after season, its clear that the hoody is pretty much set to be a part of our lives for plenty of time to come.