As One of the graphics guys here at hardcloud i get to see all the product we get into Hardcloud HQ & and like to splash my cash on clothing & these are the latest bits i have picked up.

Santa Cruz | Crew Neck Sweater

I bought this due to the fact I am a fashion freak! But to be fair i love big prints, everyone is down with a4/a3 size graphic prints or logos splashed over their t-shirts & sweaters.

KR3W | Erik Ellington K Slim

Best pair of jeans I have ever bought! The quality of them is impeccable, the cut and taper into the ankles/lower legs are perfect and you even get a red lace belt (Ryan Sheckler style when he started out skateboarding with a shoe lace or piece of string) - And ill be buying my third pair in the next 2 weeks!

Vans | OTW Alomar

I'd never been a massive fan of Vans but these OTW's blew me away, by all means don't think that I'm not a shoe lover as i probably have more than everyone else working here and even my girlfriend (which is worrying maybe). Anyway these are one of the most comfortable and sturdy sets of shoes I've owned for a while i love the subtle contrast in the leather and suede sections. Don't copy me though get the black or blue pair.