Custom Penny - Build your own Penny Skateboard!

Introducing the brand new Custom Penny Skateboard builder at Hardcloud!

We're excited to announce that you can now build your own Penny Skateboard with our new customiser! Simply pick from the Penny Original 22" or the Penny Nickel 27" and customise away with our simple-to-use functionality. For the Original size alone there's over 10,000 possible combinations! Get your head round that one!

What's more, we'll build the board up for you and deliver it with Free UK Delivery, and all for the price of £84.95 for Standard, and £104.95 for Nickel!

Here are some options we've been playing with... have fun and build yours!

Custom Penny

Penny Original 22" // Build your own Penny

Custom Penny

Penny Nickel 27" // Build your own Penny

Build it - Buy it - Ride it!