It's a summer of supreme BRITISHNESS and we're joining the celebrations by showcasing the best of British surf/skate/urban/music inspired brands. We are proud to carry the creme de la creme of what are great nation has to offer!

Modern streetwear with great heritage flows from Addict and Bench, surf wear from Animal, something new from Hold Fast and something different Bawbags and Lowlife. Check out the Rat shoe range, the perfect summer footwear choice!

Addict and bench have lead the charge in authentic affordable streewear for well over a decade. Addict cargo shorts and tees set the standard, and bench have excelled with their range of chinos and graphic tees.

Animal is the original British surf brand bringing surf culture to the masses whilst offering incredible value for money. The current Hold Fast range celebrates the nation's nautical roots whilst Bawbags is putting the humor back into underwear! There's more to come very soon... rule Britannia!

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