Chris Cole is on fire this year!

People handle success in many different ways. Some crack under the weight of newly heightened expectations. Some put it on cruise control and coast along from past achievements in a fulfilled state of satisfaction. It is a rare individual who rides the momentum of success towards bigger and better things in life. Professional skateboarder Chris Cole, through his continual domination of competitions, has clearly earned himself the top spot amongst the elite of skateboarding. Through it all, Chris has been grounded with the realization that life is all about deep-seated relationships fostered through respect and compassion. As his profile ascended, he furthered his desire to perpetually self evaluate and improve all facets of life. His forthright interactions with those in and out of the industry made a direct and positive impact on the image and character of skateboarding. It was an image that at times took hits for being overrun with punk kids running amuck and creating havoc on public property. As the spotlight's glow on Chris began to brighten, so did the viability and credibility of skateboarding as a whole. It was rapidly becoming the fastest growing sport in America. Chris wanted the world to see that skateboarding breeds individuals that are athletic, creative, and driven. Rather than succumbing to the trappings of the "live fast and die young" mentality, Chris adopted his own credo of "live rad and die proud". It is a concise and powerful statement that has guided him personally and throughout his professional career. A career that was first set into motion at the ripe old age of 14.

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