So what's been happening in the world of Quiksilver for the past few months? We did some digging about and found that they are hard at work on their 2012 collection for clothing, luggage & hardware.

We received our drop of 2012 luggage the other day which included:

Quiksilver Polo
Quiksilver Roadie
Quiksilver Medium Duffle
Quiksilver Giantness

The range is a collective mix of styles & sizes starting from 30 litres and making its way up in staggered sizes such as 50 litres & 70 litres. The Quiksilver range comes in multiple colourways to suit everyone.

We have put together a few video overviews as well to help you get to grips with the features and sizes of the luggage or visit the Quiksilver Luggage page to see the range and all of the videos