rvca's Richies Vas

RVCA's Richie Vas

RVCA's Richie Vaculic (also known as Richie Vas) grew up in the well known Sydney suburb of Maroubra. He learnt to love the water from a young age and became a member of the Maroubra Boardriders Association. It was here that Vas met legendary big wave surfers Koby Abberton and Mark Mathews. Having spent his teenage years following them round the world and chasing big waves, Vas was introduced at age 18 to Brazilian Ju Jistu. From the first moment Vas was hooked and found it a great way to stay fit in-between big wave sessions.

Vas had some early success in Ju Jistu events and coupled with his interest for boxing led him to experiment in mixed martial arts (MMA). Vas credits MMA to changing his life and currently holds a pro MMA record of 9-1. Having being selected for UFC's The Ulimate Fighter - The Smashes, Vas was part of team Australia that took on team United Kingdom. Vas has gone from strength to strength and in 2011 was involved in the film Fighting Fear which followed Vas and fellow friend Mark Mathews. Due to the success of Fighting Fear, Vas now has a reality TV show called The Crew on Fuel TV. This programme follows Vas, Mark Mathews and Macario De Souza on their constant drive to reach all their goals in mixed martial arts, music and big wave surfing.
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rvca's richie vas