Street Fighter II

I played a lot of video games as a kid. Like, a lot. If I wasn’t out with my friends ollieing the steps and waxing the walls at the local shopping precinct, I was indoors playing video games. I remember every game I ever played, and I know my favourites. Few of them stand out like Street Fighter II. The actual game I had was Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition on the Sega Mega Drive. I don’t profess to be any kind of pro, I can button bash with the best of them. But it didn’t really matter how I played because the game was so good that it made me want to play it again, again, and again. So I did.

Every time I load the game it fills me with the same sense of excitement as the first time I played it. As soon as the music kicks in I get that rush of nostalgia and everything seems right in the world. Who do I choose though? Do I go standard and pick Ryu? Who doesn’t love those special move soundbites. Hadouken is probably one of the most iconic sounds in video game history. Or do I go for Blanka and just spam Electricity? Chun Li is lightning quick and difficult to defend against, but her moves aren’t as impressive looking as some of the other characters. It was always a dilemma for me, so I’d usually end up playing through the game multiple times in one sitting, choosing a different character for each play through.

 The Socks

These new Street Fighter II socks from Stance offer that same rush of nostalgia I get when I play the game these days. The socks look awesome, and here at Hardcloud we have three styles:

Cover Art

The first is the original Street Fighter II: World Warrior cover art featuring all of the characters. I love it. I love everything about it. The style, the subject, the colours. It looks awesome, so awesome. Show them off at every opportunity. Get them here.

Street Fighter II Cover Art - Stance Socks
Ryu vs Ken

The second is the classic Ryu vs Ken which is the default multiplayer matchup, with one character and their respective flag on each sock. This pair is less colourful than the cover art pair, but the colours complement each other so well that this pair of socks works well with practically any outfit and you can still show them off. Get them here.

Ryu vs Ken

Guile vs Blanka

The final pair we stock are the Guile vs Blanka socks. Blanka on one sock, and Guile being electrocuted on the other. It perfectly captures why everyone loved playing as Blanka and hated other people playing as Blanka. Guile is a great fighter in his own right, and even without the Electricity move, so is Blanka. But there’s not much Guile can do against this move. Maybe that’s how he gets his hair to stay up all the time. Get them here.

Guile vs Blanka - Guile being electrocitred

The Others

We love Stance socks anyway, but what we really love are all of the fantastic special lines they do. This Street Fighter range is just one of a long line special socks that Stance do. Check out a small snapshot of the other special Stance ranges that we stock:

Star Wars
Stance Legends Range

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