Supra Footwear 2012

It's footwear week here at hardcloud which means bargains...... ummm bargains & more bargains, oh and with every Supra order you will receive a free KR3W cap!

Todays feature is SUPRA footwear which has hit the limelight massively over the past few years whilst building their sponsored artists/athletes which has just boomed! from Terry Kenedy (as featured below) but the likes of Justin Bieber etc etc.

Supra Footwear 2012 - Terry Kennedy

Supra is a skate/street inspired footwear brand that was launched by Angel Cabada in 2006. Supra shoes can claim to be genuine innovators in the skate/shoe market. Not many skate companies can claim this accolade but that is just how they are regarded in the industry and the wider skateboarding community. To stand out in the over-crowded skate/shoe market, Supra Footwear offers way more than your regular skate kicks or trainers. For example, the Supra Skytop range features a vast range of cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Supra Shoes UK all feature a high-memory polyurethane insole for extra impact protection. An exclusive SUPRAFOAM midsole, developed from feedback with the Supra skate team, provides superior impact protection for the entire foot, and offers exceptional board feel.

Check out the impressive Supra range out HERE

Supra Footwear 2012