Through a long-standing dedication to its customer base and a watchful eye on the future, the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company successfully grew from humble beginnings as an overall manufacturer to the global brand it is today. Now available across the globe, Dickies clothing offer a huge range of garments, including denim jeans, Dickies trousers, shirts and Dickies workwear for women. Since 1922, every item of Dickies clothing has represented the ruggedness, quality and pride that is to be found within the heart of every American worker. Today, the label has achieved the status of street wear and Dickies workwear is a cult brand among the youth and skateboarders of the world.

E.E. Dickie (known as Colonel) and C.N. Williamson started their business lives in what was then known as the vehicle and harness trade. They set up shop in Bryan, Texas. Along with some associates, they then formed the U.S. Overall Company in 1918. Their aim was to manufacture quality clothing to supply the growing demand for durable, affordable workwear. It became a wholly family-owned business in 1922 and was duly renamed the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company.

From those early years, the company saw steady growth and even survived the testing times of the Great Depression. During the war years, the company was used to produce uniforms for the U.S. forces. After the war, they set about expanding and established new warehouses, factories and retail territories all over North America. By the 1950s, it was a company of international standing. Dickies workwear and Dickies clothing soon became the brand of choice for the hard-working oil-workers of the Middle East.

Today, this company has grown to be the premier supplier of workwear to the countries of the world. Through continually updating and expanding its range of Dickies trousers, jackets and work shirts, Dickies workwear is now widely favoured in South Africa, Chile, Australia, Russia, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Europe and Mexico.

At the start of the 1990s, the Dickies brand became a cult label with American teenagers and twenty-somethings. The rugged looks and high performance of Dickies trousers drew the interest of skateboarders who valued the clothing's durability and liked its 'casual' fit. This trend spread rapidly to other parts of the world, including Europe. Today, the label is as popular as ever.

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