Hold Fast Clothing

Hold Fast is a British brand that's all new to Hardcloud, we've been waiting for a brand like this to come around for ages. It's a simple range of high quality tee shirts and crew sweats with designs influenced by the heaps of different factors from tattoos to skate, from music to beach culture. The guys at Hold Fast are putting together a tight group of brand ambassadors to represent the brand, these individuals will be drawn from all aspects of 21st century culture, watch this space for news.

Hold Fast is a fluid, flexible brand that reacts to the changing cultural environment, if it's hot these guys will be on it. We'll be seeing new designs every few weeks to keep things fresh, we're excited! Pricing is super keen so Hold Fast is definitely going to give the big boys a run for their money! Enjoy the nautical inspired prints, there's a lot more fresh tee and crew designs to come! Buy British! read more

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