LA born Rusty Preisendorfer moved to San Diego and became the master in surf board creation.  He is responsible for crafting winning surf boards in the seventies but properly established Rusty as performance brand in 1985.  Since then Rusty has consistently maintained their production creating some of the best quality boards for competitions and the surf loving people of today.  In 1988 Rusty introduced their clothing range which combines a mixture of urban and surf style prints in a successful attempt to bring about a gritty, traction lead ethos which exposes the want to prolong the moment and the sheer effort to do what you love.

We here at Surf Street understand that you want a piece of the Rusty pie (we didn’t say cake).  You want a style that speaks volumes about who you are and sometimes the traditional surfer dude or dudette just doesn’t cut it.  Either hit our search bar or leisurely browse what we have on offer. 

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